Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More insanity

Our special ed director retired this summer. I could write a whole post about the pros and cons of this, but right now, I'm just hopping mad about a con. There is some confusion about how his job is going to be filled, which has resulted in the person in charge of HeadStart beleiving they are in charge of the building- the WHOLE building- that HeadStart shares with ECSE. They decided HeadStart needed a room on the first floor for their 3-year-olds, so they moved one of the ESCE classrooms upstairs- and THEN informed the ESCE teacher that this had ALREADY HAPPENED. On top of that, this person won't even let them move all of their stuff- they have decided, for example, that the para doesn't need a desk, so did not approve moving the desk.

What the... ?

My buddy Jack is still in that room. Why they think it appropriate to move a child who cannot walk on his own upstairs is beyond me. If the elevator isn't working- and its use is already strongly discouraged- how will they access the cafeteria? The gym? The playground? What if there is a fire? Normal 3-year-olds can safel use the stair. Jack can't. They would have to carry him- putting more people in danger.

Angry, angry, angry. What a way to start a day. :(


Club 166 said...

I was just asking my wife yesterday, "What happens to all of the kids that don't have hypervigilant parents that stay on top of the school system to keep their kids from getting screwed?" I mean, most people have lots of other things they need to be doing, rather than riding herd on an out of control school system.

I'm beginning to believe that the majority of kids in special education are being jerked around. It appears that our Buddy Boy has not been pushed in to all the classes he was supposed to be pushed into per his IEP in the first couple of days of class. We're looking into it, and I'm sure it's things like "We didn't have enough aides, or We forgot."

Sounds like you've got your hands full. But keep the fires burning under them.


Niksmom said...

Ah yes, the start of the school year when ALL the Sh** hits the fan in schools around the nation. Sigh, I am angry for you...I can all too clearly imagine my own reaction. Oh, wait, I am having my own reaction...the "new" SLP (the one that totally sucked anyway) is leaving already. We're on our third SLP in a year at school. WTF...