Monday, October 15, 2007


Before We Knew


Casdok said...

Such lovely photos.

Niksmom said...

Oh my those are precious! Especially the first and last ones; I love the way Joey is peeking at Andy's little feet! The good news is that they are still the same kids —but you already know that. :-)

Ange said...

Great pics. (I almost said "beautiful," but Club166 has me all paranoid ;) ). I'd love to see a follow up post with the same wonderful boys with the words "After we knew." Your boys look like they enjoy eachother. That's my favorite part about being a mom--watching my boys be brothers. Enjoy!

Teresa said...
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Club 166 said...

Thanks, Ange, for the laugh.

And thanks, Joeymom, for the pics.

They're beau... (oops) great!