Friday, December 28, 2007

Get the word out

(Thanks, Christschool!)

If we can get those stupid Ransom Notes shut down, we can get this place shut down and the folks running it prosecuted for child abuse.

Just because my Joey has a hard time telling us, he definitely feels pain. He has emotions. Having communication disorders is not the same as not thinking, not feeling, being defiant, or being disrespectful. Communication disorders do not require punishment. It does require special paretning and patience that not everyone can handle. Please, people, send your children into loving, supportive environments, not into places that torture children and adults into submission.


Casdok said...

Brillient video!

Club 166 said...

Indeed, that is a great video.

We are quick to spot the injustice half a world away (Africa), but blind to the horrors in our own backyard.


Marla said...

When M was four and most difficult to help someone told us to call a place that could help us. Out of deperation, no sleep and being told there was no hope I called. The man said that the first step was to bring her to the "residential home" hours away and then we would leave and not be allowed to see or speak to her for two weeks while they made her "earn" being able to see us. Since, they believed that the children needed to earn even the priveledge of seeing their own parents. She would also be denied toys, favorite clothing and foods until she spoke and requested them. I was horrified. And what would this lovely service from hell cost us? Thousands of dollars for just a month. I told the guy what I thought about his program and his ideas and lets just say he did not take it too well and told me my child would suffer and was probably beyond help due to my "attitude and un Christ like ways". Being a Christian I did not take lightly to that either. Terrifying. My heart breaks for children in these "programs". Oh, and yeah...they would have required she be off all medications immediately. yeah, that would have done wonders for her. Not!