Saturday, December 08, 2007

Yes, it is that time of year

We've been busy, busy, busy trying to clean and get ready to decorate for Christmas. I know people who can clean their house in about an hour, complete with scrubbing the bathrooms. In about an hour, i can often (but not always) clear a path from my front door to the kitchen. It seems very strange to have tables, buffets, servers, and other assorted surfaces cleared and cleaned. I'll feel better when the decorations clutter everything up again.

Joey decided today he wants Santa to bring him a bike. With training wheels. Thanks, Franklin. He saw some in the toy store, and when we told him he would have to ask Santa for it, he demanded to see Santa that instant. Of course, the toy store did not have a Santa there. I have no idea where he would ride said bike. I have no idea how I would afford said bike. But I think I need to go bike shopping.

Andy wanted to have a slumber party with Mommy and Daddy this evening. He would have let me sing Christmas carols to him all night if I wanted. Then he came in to snuggle in our room for a while. Then he wanted more songs. Anything not to sleep.

The excitment is also partly the blame of the trains. We took them to see the trains at Watson's and Stebbins, an dtoday we went to a local show. The local show was not nearly as good, and cost money to get in, but they were excited anyway. Joey almost had a meltdown because we wouldn't let him touch the tracks or the little buildings or the cars or the trains, and there were lots of people and some kids had balloons and it was just very exciting. Mom is thnking abot putting a train up for him at her house. I'd like to try to put one up under the tree here. I miss my Christmas garden. But then, my whole house kind of turns into a one big putz village.

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