Monday, January 14, 2008

And how was your day?

An exciting day here! Andy started his new school. He was SO excited.

So was Joey. He overheard me talking to Andy about going to school, so he woke up this morning saying, "Andy go to school today!" and was completely confused when I didn't wake Andy up or put him on the bus. He took it in stride, though, and apparently had a good day.

He hopped off the bus and into the arms of Andy for a big hug; and as they went in the door, Joey was saying, "Andy! How was your day?" And Andy babbled something about dinosaurs that I couldn't understand, but Joey seemed to know exactly what it was.

What a day!


Stimey said...

Brothers. LOOOOOVE them. Look how happy Andy looks. Yay!

Casdok said...

Thats great to hear! And a great smily pic!!

little.birdy said...

Aw, I miss those little guys!

Niksmom said...

Yahoo!!! So glad he had a good day...and that Joey was excited, too. Too sweet!