Friday, January 04, 2008


It's cold. We're in a little cold snap here. The last few winters, we haven't really had many cold snaps, but this year, we're getting them. Just as it should be. But somehow, I'm so chintzy that I really don't feel like turning on the big furnace for just a couple of days. Yet the little electric pump just isn't keeping up. So its cold. I have Andy in some extra sweaters. Cold.

I'd light a fire, but we have a busy day today- once you light a fire, you kinda need to stay home and keep it going. So it is cold.

So I'm off to take the baby to the gym, where it is warm, and Wee Time, where it is usually warm, then lunch in the warm car, and OT at the warm office. Then home- to start a fire. At least with cold you can put on another sweater and light the fire. When it's hot, you just have to keep shifting between air conditioned locations...


Casdok said...

By the time i give in to put the heating on the cold snap is over!!

Stimey said...

Oh, I've been hating this cold. I would so much rather have it be 105 than 25. Here's to the end of the cold snap.