Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't take my snak!

I left Andy crying at school. He's upset to be left with teachers who don't let him take all morning to chew on his food. I have a very hard time getting Andy to eat. Apparently, snack time was over on Wednesday, and that was that- and you don't take food from Andy, even if he won't eat it.

They did say they had no trouble getting him to sit for snack time- but putting the food away is very hard on him.

Since he wasn't sick, I didn't want to stick around and have him cling to me instead of participating in class. But here's hoping I won't be called to the teacher's office after school again. :P


Casdok said...

Poor Andy, but hopefully he will soon get the idea??!

Stimey said...

No one wants to get called to the office. I think it might be worse as a parent than as a child.

Poor little guy. But maybe Casdok is right, and once the routine starts getting familiar he'll be able to follow it better.