Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thinking of Niksmom

Lying in the dark
Try to take a breath at dawn
Hear my lungs gurgle

Thinking of Niksmom
Hope her week goes really well
Nik is a cutie

Reading my blogfriends
Wondering about playdates
What will it be like?

Andy coughs in bed
Dad gives him cough medicine
Sound of silence

School in the morning
Cancelled for allergist test
Joey will be so sad

Little feet chill me
I rub his back for comfort
Both his and my own

(Have a good week Niksmom. Hope we get some answers.)


Niksmom said...

Ok, now you made me cry! This is so incredibly sweet of you. Thank you, thank you. We'll take all the good thoughts and wishes and prayers we can get! Hope you feel better soon!! xoxoxo

Casdok said...

Lovely Haiku! Is it catching!
Hope you all feel better soon, and hope Nik and his mum gets through it.

kristi said...

I too think and pray about other Moms I have found online!