Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bake Sale

Several of my friends, both live and online, have been having issues with getting much-needed equipment to help their kids. Communication devices seem to be particularly difficult to lay hands on. Just as people tend to assume that kids who cannot speak (or worse, cannot speak properly) are stupid, they assume all communication devices are alike, and just grab whatever and go. Can't you just pick a button and push it?

It is enough to tear one's hair out.

It's worse when the person showing this ignorance is your insurance company liaison. Why? Because they will block the money you need to get the right device your kid needs, and get it ASAP so the poor child can start proving they aren't an idiot communicating.

I have placed the suggestion several places that we should have a bake sale and buy these things ourselves. We know where to get them. we know how much they are. We're just broke. Don't know how that happened, with school and therapy and other equipment and whatnot. I fear some folks thought I was/am being facetious.

I am not.

We should get together and have a big, world-wide bake sale. We should advertise it. We should all news outlets and tell them what we are doing and why we are doing it. And we should then publish a big cookbook to continue the project and keep some cash rolling in.

This government thinks little of funding wars, bailing out companies, "fixing" messes others have made with money, but heaven forbid we be trying to make our kids independent, support our kids in their needs and goals. Many of these friends would love to even have a clue what those self-goals are, but the kid can't communicate- because they need the %^#@ device the insurance person says is "not necessary" or not from the vendor they like.

Having me sit here and cuss isn't getting those devices to those people. A bake sale might.

Who's in?


ouryve said...

Mmmmm. Did someone day cake?

Stimey said...

I'm all over it. I'm a lousy cook, but I bet I could scare up some good recipes.

Casdok said...

I think its a great idea!
Ove here for things like communication devices we apply for grants, which can take forever!

Anonymous said...

I found that bake sales and other fundraisers are very popular in the midwest areas.When moms friend in Louisiana told us to have a fundraiser for my child I thaught she was nuts (in a nice way lol) I am just so unfamiliar with things like that in my area. I didn't know it was a big things in other states. People here usually have fundraisers for cancer and burns. But maybe its time for change!

little.birdy said...

I am awesome at making cookies. I'm in.

Swistle said...

Ha! I'm a fan of anything that involves baking! I'll bake a pan of brownies "for the bake sale," then eat half, then make another pan because I feel bad about only half a pan left.