Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chatty Cathy

So the boys have now gotten into The Magic School Bus. This is good, because Joey was having trouble with science, and this show gives him great visuals to understanding some of the basic concepts.

It was rainy today (hence all the new posts and designs), and the boys were feeling off-kilter, so we watched a lot of Magic School Bus, as well as Oobi, Pixar movies, and various episodes of Little Bear. In other words, we watched way too much TV. But in all that, Joey was talking non-stop all day. Yes, you read that correctly. Non-stop words.

Is it raining? It's raining, Daddy. I think it is raining. Wet. Rain is wet. It is raining. Oobi! I like Oobi. Are you Oobi? I am Oobi. Vroom! I am a car. I am a fast car. I am a red car. I am go this way. I am go potty. I want to go park. Spell park? Spell Park, Daddy? P=A=R=K, park. I like to play in the park. Kitty! Chase the Kitty! Don't chase the kitty, Andy.

At the end of the day, he decided he was Ms. Frizzle. Then Andy decided he wanted to be Ms. Frizzle. So I had two Ms. Frizzles. Of course, Allan and I had to be Liz, partly to show Andy they could both be Ms. Frizzle at the same time, no problem. Joey had me put an M on his chest (for "Ms. Frizzle") and Andy wisely wanted an F (for "Frizzle"), and they zoomed about the room driving the Magic School Bus and being Ms. Frizzle, complete with Joey giving us all her standard lines ("Do your stuff, Bus!" "As I always say..." "To the Bus!" "Fasten your seatbelts, everyone!")

We sent Ms. Frizzles up for bathtime. They are still insisting on being called "Ms. Frizzle." Should make for an interesting story time- the book tonight is The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds.

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Bonnie said...

Sounds like a great day, would give anything for my guy to pretend so much! I wish I could get him into the Magic Schoolbus too! Oh well, you never know what they'll like next!