Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy busy busy

We've had quite a month. ALlan was away for two weeks, one being the first week of this month. We went to see him at the beach, and went to the zoo, and saw big boats, and fed fish. The boys went to the circus. They went to Williamsburg. They went to the aquarium. They went to the circus again. They went to the Rainforest Cafe yesterday. Andy had a birthday. They are right now camped out in their tent in the livingroom. Yes, it's been quite a month.

Additionally, my mom's cousin is in the hospital; she was on a respirator for a while, but is now improving. at one point, she had to be revived. This week, mom's Uncle Bob (the cousin's father, no less) suddenly died. We were at the funeral yesterday. (Hence all the drives to Baltimore).

Spring semester closed, finals had to be graded, and grades calculated and turned in. My summer semester started. We had a pre-IEP meeting. We had the IEP meeting.

The boys had their checkups. I went to the doctor with a funny spot on my leg that wouldn't go away. That turned out to be nothing, but the nurse detected PVCs when she took my pulse. One EKG later and I was having blood drawn. All normal there; so off to the cardiologist. In the wake of the costochondritis episode, no less. More tests on Wednesday.

Plus our regularly scheduled activities and fun.

Why am I tired? I don't understand.

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kristina said...

Sometimes the more I do, the more energy I seem to have----and then, crash. Congrats on the end of the semester and those (pre)IEP meetings!