Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hands full

"What is today, Mommy?"
"Today is Thursday."
"Thursday. Today is Thursday. Today is Thursday, April..."
"May first."
"Oh! Yes! Thank you, Mommy! Very good! Today is Thursday, May first, 2008."
"Yes it is, very good job."
"It is Thursday."
"We see Daddy on Friday."
"That's right."
"On Friday, we go to the beach and see Daddy."
"That's right, my love."
"Daddy is on a trip. We will see him on Friday."
"Yes, dear. Let me help you with your clothes, hon."
"Today is Friday."
"No, today is Thursday."
"Yes, sweetie. Today is Thursday."
"We see Daddy on Friday."
"That's right- hold a still a sec."
"What is today?"
"Today is Thursday..."

My own version of "Who's On First?" I think.


Niksmom said...

LOL! Sounds like someone is **very** eager to see his Daddy!

Stimey said...

I bet you'll be happy for Friday too!