Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More thoughts on our bakesale book

Thought I had forgotten, eh?

No, I've been up late at night contemplating ways to make this work. Publishing a book is no real problem- my mom publishes books, and we do an on-demand printing. Then we can all use the book for fundraising for our particular projects. To raise the funds for set-up, we can sell the book via Amazon. We just need to agree on a price. That can't be set until we know some specifics: How many pages will it be? Paperback or hardback? What size- do we want it to be more like 8X5, or more like 11x9?

Then we need content, of course. And lots of it- but not so much that we can't do a volume 2! Do we want to do a regular book, with main dishes, side dishes, and desserts? Do we want specialty sections, such as special diets and special needs recipes? Do we want to break it up so that this first book is main dishes, a second volume of side dishes, a third volume of desserts? Do we want to do a general book now, and then if it takes off, do specialty volumes?

I figure to put in a recipe(s?), you just send it to me with your name, and possibly some extra information for marketing- like the disability your child has, what you are raising funds for (would need to be long-term projects, such as saving for adult services or long-term therapies), perhaps descriptions of some of the therapies that work for your family? Also, some artwork would be a good idea. Black-and-white lineart is best with the on-demand system (as opposed to photos).

We can then order books when we are doing a fundraiser (like our big bakesale... that still needs to be organized!) or just take orders for them, and not have boxes and boxes of them laying about.


Maddy said...

I suppose one box of brownie mix and one box of frozen spinach combined doesn't really make for a recipe?
Best wishes

Joeymom said...

Why wouldn't it? Adding nutrition to brownies sounds like fabulous idea.