Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A note on Andy

Some of you may remember that I have two sons. Joey is the autistic one. Andy is not autistic, but he does have sensory integration dysfunction (or sensory processing disorder, whichever you prefer). We have him in occupational therapy and in school, and he's made improvement.

He has now turned four, so it is re-evaluation time! We were hoping he was ready to come out of therapy at the end of summer. But it's a no-go. He's come out in the 25th percentile in fine motor skills, he's developed some new sensitivities that need to be addressed. So we're here at least through the fall. This makes Andy pretty happy, actually, because he gets to see his Miss Cindy that much longer.

With the 25th percentile, I could probably request special education again, but frankly, he's happy where he is and working with the preschool was like trying to get an alligator to ride a bicycle. If we are still here when kindergarden comes around, I might ask for child find again. Our kindergarden team rocks.

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Club 166 said...

Your post reminds me of the old Guiness "fish on a bicycle" ads.