Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vacation Bible School: Day Four

This was an up-and-down day. I'm not feeling so good, and I think the boys are a bit titchy as well. Joey was very sensitive, and did a lot of "I'm not worthy." The re-emergence of "I'm not worthy" has been an interesting phenomenon. When Joey is very tired, and is just being peevish, instead of having a total meltdown, he now reverts to I'm Not Worthy. It actually has made life a little better- less total meltdowns, because I have this extra clue that one is impending and can intervene. Also, the I'm Not Worthy is not as dramatic as it used to be- the howling that comes with the head on the floor is less intense, and he doesn't smack his forehead on the floor, he just touches it and stays there. It only counts as a Level One if the howling is loud. It is more like a pre-tantrum.

The other thing is Joey has a lot more words to use to explain what the trigger is. He may not be able to tell us all the little irritations feeding into the problem- who can?- but he can give me clues to the current trigger. "I want another turn." "He's in my space." "I need help!" this is such a vast improvement from where we began! I am grateful to be able to intervene, and give Joey those much-needed calming hugs. It also reminded me why it was such a good idea for me to be in the tribe with him. Other mom wouldn't understand the need for fast intervention and deep pressure. More likely, he would have been put into time out or punished as being spoiled. Instead, I could step in, calm him, assure him that he would have another turn soon and talk about how other children need to play, have their turn, and have fun, too; that if another child is in his space or too close, it is OK for him to move; that he was doing great with his basket, and I'd be happy to tie on the next yarn color for him.

But I think we're all just off today. Something in the air I guess. Or just the long week. Or maybe we ate something yesterday not so good? Or the heat? I think a quiet afternoon is in order.

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