Monday, July 21, 2008

Secret Hiding Place

The boys are on a Blue's Clues kick, so I got them "notebooks" at Walmart, and they are running around finding clues to draw in their "notebooks." Somehow, instead of crayons, they found pens.

Andy came up the stairs, his pen in pieces, in tears. I took all the remains of pen and assured him I could re-assemble it, and then attempted to do so. I got it all together, but it wouldn't "click."

Confused, I tried again. No click.

I took it all apart, examined the pieces, and tried again. No click.

Joey comes bouncing into the room. "Look, Mom! I have a person in my nose!" He proudly displays his nose, where all I can see is mucus membrane.

"Do you need a tissue?" I ask absently, setting each piece of pen in a little line on the counter. I hear a snort. Something small hits the floor. I whisk around to see a small bit of plastic being retrieved and displayed proudly.

"See? A person in my nose!" Joey chimes, pleased as punch.

Yes, it was the small missing bit of pen. Yes, I had to clean it. Yes, we had a discussion of not putting things up our nose.

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Niksmom said... could have been much worse. At least there were no hospital visits involved. I don't know the whole story but I understand my sister-in-law pulled some stunt with a bean and ended up in the ER when she was about 4.