Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day at The Fair

We had a lovely day at the fair. Last year this week, we had been sick as the proverbial dogs after our beach vacation*; but this year, despite my own headcold, we were determined. Joey went to his swimming lesson (he just loves them!) and then we were off to St. Mary’s.

The main attraction for the guys this year was the pigs, followed closely by the sheep. They could have looked at pigs and sheep all afternoon. We also looked at the chickens, the turkeys (the boys still don’t like turkeys), the rabbits (fuzzy!), the goats, the Clydesdales, and the alpacas. We zipped through the 4-H building looking at the veggies, but the boys weren’t really into that this year. I think if we had taken them through the ag building with the pumpkins, we would have had better luck. Anyway, we had some lunch, then off to the rides (light lunch- didn’t know what was ahead of us.)

They had some pretty new rides this year, which was nice. One of them was a dragon roller-coaster that the boys hopped on and were very, very happy “driving the dragon.” Then it was time for Joey to pick a big-boy ride.

He picked the Hurricane.

Note to self: before putting your six-year-old on a big ride, watch the ride in its entirety.

It started fine, going around in a circle. Then it sped up and the cars started to lift, and Joey wasn’t happy about that.

Then it did its thing. Oh. My. God. The arms went up and down while you were in the car sideways, and spinning around. He actually liked that part, but then it slowed down to ta spin and down again, and I think his tummy was a bit off. Talking later to other folks with kids on the ride, apparently a lot of crummies in tummies from that ride. Yikers.

We went on a few more, slower rides, and the dragon again, and then did some moon bouncing. By the time they got out of the moonbounce, they were both ready to fall over. That’s a good day.

So we ran through one of the commercial buildings looking for pens from our presidential candidates- and they weren’t giving out pens. In fact, only one place in the whole building had pens. That sucks. But we got our one pen and let the tummies calm down, got some ice cream, and headed home.

I won’t say there were no rocky moments in our trip, but what trip with kids has no rocky moments? They were few, brief, and the boys had a fabulous time. It’s nice to have an A+ trip now and again.

Happy Autumn Equinox!

*There was a LOT going on this week last year. But the reason we skipped the fair was we all had colds.

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Stimey said...

Hooray for A+. That's fantastic!