Thursday, October 09, 2008

Knock Me Over With A Feather

Some of you may recall, about a year ago, my Panda Pig starting turning up his nose at food. He went from eating everything I placed in front of him to a highly select menu that we have worked very hard to expand. We had a perfect storm of preschool pickiness and onset of oral sensitivity, and the result was a very thin little guy who ended up with a massive ear infection (resulting in no food intake at all), then slow recovery of menu items. He is still picky, but I'll take "picky eater" over "neophobic" any day of the week and twice on Sundays, especially with Andy being so thin in the first place, particularly following a growth spurt.

Imagine what ran through my head this morning when Andy, chock full of head cold, turned to me and said, "I want an egg."

An egg? What for?

"I'm hungy. Want an egg."

After staring at him for a full minute and a half to make sure my child had not been abducted by aliens, I asked, "Fried or scrambled?"

"Fried," came the answer after a few moments of thought. So I got off my bottom and fried him an egg.

And he is sitting here in the livingroom, consuming said egg, as if he has eaten eggs all his life and they are his favorite food.

Absolutely amazing.


abfh said...

Head colds can make foods taste very different... my mom once gave me a bowl of chicken soup when I had a head cold, and for some weird reason it tasted like carrots instead.

Maddy said...

Hmm....where do these things come and go from I wonder. Interesting point from abfh!

The only way I can get eggs into mine is via my 'rubber' pancakes at the weekend. They certainly keep us guessing don't they.

Niksmom said...

How EGG-citing! Sorry, I couldn't help myself! ;-)

Hadn't considered ABFH's POV about tastes and colds. Wonder if he'll still like eggs after he gets over the cold?

Joeymom said...

Actually, the fact that he asked for it, by name, was just as shocking as watching him eat it. And he ate it all. Amazing.

Osh said...

I know the feeling you described!

YAY for eggs!

Stimey said...

So there's hope? Will one day one of my children see some food that originally came from a tree and decide to eat it?