Thursday, October 30, 2008

What I learned today

For the last couple of weeks, we have asked Joey what he wants to be for Halloween. And he has said he wants to be a Little Bear. Oh, good, that costume is all made.

This morning, he gives me a funny look, and says, "I wanna be Blue!"

"You want to be Blue?" Signing Time is on the TV. No sign of Blue;s Clues anywhere.

"Halloween! I wanna be Blue!"

Oh, no.

And it hit me, He's been saying he wants to be Little Bear because he was Little Bear last year. He associates being Little Bear with Halloween. This morning, he realized he could be anything he wanted. And he wants to be Blue.

Excuse me while I attempt some Halloween magic.

Edit: A photo of the work so far:

Edit 2: Here it is!

Perhaps not on the par of the Happy Kitty Cottage, but I hope it does the trick. I'll probably be doign a good deal of hemming in the morning- it looks big to me.


Niksmom said...

Good Luck!

little.birdy said...

Felt and socks will take you far when it comes to Halloween costumes!

Maddy said...

Oh good grief, talk about the 11th hour for the penny to drop. Hope you don't bankrupt yourself playing catch coz we just can't resist the positive.
Best wishes