Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas wishes

The fact is, it is harder to get information from Joey than it is from Andy. When a child has communication issues, you have to really put in the effort to get what you need. Christmas can be one of those moments when I find myself wondering, What does Joey really want from Santa? How much of what I have is projecting what I think he wants?

With Andy, he makes things pretty plain. What he doesn't directly ask for, you can see him getting excited about things. If everything under the tree was a dinosaur, Zoboomafoo, or a construction set (legos, tools, etc), he'd be ecstatic.

But what about Joey? There isn't a lot of merchandise with Max and Ruby, and the books are a bit disappointing. He has a bike. He has his computer, and is very happy with the games there. He has plenty of the kind of blocks he likes. The fact is, as soon as we detect interest in something, we already do our best to support it. He has books and toys of fish, of firetrucks, of cars. What could he want?

So plan B: ask. Joey, what do you want Santa to bring you? What do you want for Christmas?


I can work with that.


Stimey said...

I know just what you mean. All Jack has said he wants is a harp.


But whenever he's around a Lego table, he plays and plays and plays. So he's getting a Lego table.

Good luck on the snow!

JoeyAndyDad said...

We're in luck. Its snowing.

Unknown said...

Maybe Joey would like like this:|searchResults~~p|2534374302090266~~f|/Assortments/Lakeshore/ShopByCate

Snow to play with indoors, year-round. This stuff really feels like snow - it's even cold like snow.