Thursday, April 02, 2009

Campaign update

Last month we started charting out a number of campaigns to encourage independence. So... how are they going?

Well, if you were expecting me to come back a month later and report spiffy rooms, made beds, yummy sandwiches, and new jeans put on by a child who spent the whole night in his own bed, then excuse me while I laugh myself silly. I believe these days are all coming, but such campaigns are kind of like IEP goals- see where you are a year from now.

However, if you were expecting, like me, just some progress towards the goals, then we're doing just fine. Mostly. Considering we've had a rough patch (ah, spring...), any progress is a victory. I don't expect any serious progress until we can get through the rough bits and really focus on the campaign goals.

Joey has successfully made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with some help. Our first step into a wider world. I have purchased wheat flour, yeast, and honey, but have not really gotten to open up the Elmo cookbook and get going. I need to either improve my prep skills so I can be cooking with two kids at once, or I need to create more one-on-one time for my guys.

The bed-making campaign has not been started. That will probably be easier to start after we get him to sleep in his own bed all night- which we also haven't started. They aren't little long. I am torn, though I know it is a good thing for forwarding independence- I will miss waking up with a little guy snuggled in.

Dressing has been tricky. I have him consistently dressing himself, including picking out his own clothes, taking off his pajamas, and putting on all his clothing independently, but we still haven't added fasteners. I have, however, managed to get some jeans as hand-me-downs from a friend in his size, so we're ready to try.

However, I think we'll be taking a brief break here, as Joey has his turn at Grandma's getting spoiled tomorrow. He's earned it.


Sally's World said...

no, no one was expecting that lol! it is a life long campaing this one, and some days will work better than others...just go with it, you're doing great!

Cathy said...

we're struggling with a lot of the same stuff--it's scary how difficult life skills are for kids on the spectrum! Ethan can dress himself, but can't do buttons. Now that he's 7, there aren't as many pull-up pant options as there used to be.

kristi said...

Awesome Joey!!
One thing that will be tricky for us will be tying shoes. TC wears velcro for now though.