Monday, September 21, 2009

School is going well?

Now back in the swing, we're having a mixed bag of getting back into the swing. Joey has been doing a lot of barking, his new anxiety behavior. Andy has apparently been holding together nicely for school; he's gotten Treasure Box every third day, like he's supposed to, so he's had no timeouts! Yay!

And then they come home, and the Witching Hour commences. Immediately. Without any baby preliminaries.

See, the trouble with holding your breath all day is that at some point, you need to breathe. In fact, you gasp for air, and try to take deeper breaths than normal to make up for the lost oxygen. He comes home and starts flippery-flopping around like a beached fish. It isn't pretty.

The first few days, I had him play with his trucks out front, but now he refuses to do that; he wants to come inside and arrange his stuffed animals and watch Peep. Well, he has to do homework first. Doing homework after any of these activities was not working, so now, homework first. The Firecracker becomes all sparks and fire. He's ready for some air, and has to hold his breath a little longer. But if I give him air, he doesn't want to hold his breath again even for a minute.

Meanwhile, our words of the week are "idiot" and "stupid." Joey picked these up from Toy Story, and now uses them to amuse himself. Andy has now realized they are powerful words, too. Whenever some one asks them to do something, or tells them something they don't want to hear, that person is stupid. And an idiot. And each other? Stupid idiots. If you reprimand or correct Joey? He says he's a "stupid boy." These words may have to be banned.

I think I may go for a new strategy tomorrow. Boys home, offer pushing of trucks, and if that is a no-go, I'm going to have invented a game that involves the trampoline. A few minutes of bouncing and a light snack, to be followed by homework. And then speech therapy for Joey. Hopefully Wednesday I can follow homework with something fun like making playdough. I'll keep you posted.


farmwifetwo said...

I find the better the day at school, the worse the behaviour at night.

Club 166 said...

Our problem with fourth grade is the amount of homework that is expected. Even with a "decreased" amount of homework, it can be an overwhelming experience that leaves little time for relaxation.


kristi said...

The trampoline works wonders. We got a mini one for inside when the weather is bad. The problem is that TC has asthma...and right now it is horrible.
I WISH those were the only words TC used.
Hope it gets better!

Cathy said...

i hear you--ethan holds it in all day long and is a bear when he gets home. thankfully he's willing to do homework, knock on wood.

Stimey said...

Dude, totally. Jack is fine after school, but Sam is a nightmare, for exactly that have-to-breathe reason. It's tough. Then Sam does his homework easily and Jack is a little more of a challenge. Those couple hours mid-afternoon are tough.