Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week One: Almost Done

We're almost through the first week of school. Andy came home with a prize from the Prize Box. Joey's didn't (he's been barking when anxious [pretending to be Scud from Toy Story] and he barked in the library.) Week one hasn't been too bad. We had some bus issues that are resolving. Andy is enjoying riding his own bus. I ran into the special ed teacher that services the IEP kids in Andy's class, and she thinks he's doing great, following all the rules. that's a good sign. What I had to tell her is oh, by the way, he hasn't eaten his breakfast all week. We talked a lot about how Andy's breakfast is in the frog bag, but by the time he gets to school with all the excitement and distraction, he forgets. I think. I'd packed his favorite strawberry rolls in the bag and told him they are in there and everything, trying to get him to eat it. No go.

We're trying to find a rhythm, and get into the groove, as quick as we can, because the quicker the better.

I've had a shower every day this week since school started. Very weird.

I got to go see a friend this morning and have tea. Tomorrow we're going to write a cookbook together. Tomorrow afternoon, when my mom has an errand of her own, I'm going to call another friend I haven't talked to in a while because everything has been so insane. Its going to be a real event!

And look, I can see the floor in the hallway and the counter in the kitchen! I have had some kind of meal prepared for two of the three school nights! (Though I burned Tuesday's dinner- eep). It's amazing. Incredible.

I miss squishing my boys all day, though. When they hop of their buses, I just want to squeeze and smooch them. And all they want is something to eat and to go play outside. We compromise. They play, and stop in for smooch breaks.

Life is good.


farmwifetwo said...

"I've had a shower every day this week since school started. Very weird."

I know that feeling... very weird indeed.

We're getting an augmentative communication device for the little one... could only have 3 buttons... I have yet to see it... BUT, I only had to ask once, not nag for a year so... not complaining.

The year is going too well so far.. I'm rather suspicious at the moment.. but enjoying the ride.

Hope things continue to go well in your corner too...

Stimey said...

Any post that ends with "Life is good" is a good one. I'm glad it's going well.

Club 166 said...

I got to go see a friend this morning and have tea.

Good for you.

Glad to hear that the year's going well so far.