Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adventures in Living

It is never a good day when it starts with your husband calling you to say, "The car is totaled. I'm fine, I was at my desk, it was parked, and the bus hit it." And wow, did they hit it. I'm glad no one was on the bus, and that JoeyAndyDad was not in the car.

I arrived to help get everything out of the car, then drove to my class. And that is when I realized I didn't have my memory stick with the exam on it. I had to quickly reconstruct the thing, only to find a quarter of my class didn't even bother to show up.

Great. Apparently we have a sudden flu epidemic. Now I have to figure out a make-up exam.

Oh, and that Ford recall? Where they say if x and y are happening, fire in immanent? I've been having x and y happening for over a year. So I called, and they aid oh, yes, 15 minutes, bring it right in. Well, apparently they hadn't done a van yet, and discovered was is a 15-minute fox in a truck or SUV is an hour fix in a van. (They weren't any happier about it than I was- it ties up their mechanic!)

Papers to grade? Oh well. Classes to plan? Oh dear. Lunch? Forget it.

Ah, the fun and joys of the daily grind. I can hardly wait for the boys to come home, so I can squish them. Witching Hour be damned.


Niksmom said...

OMG! I'm so glad no one was in the car when the bus totaled it! YIKES!

Sending you a virtual cocktail and lots of hugs. Hope the witching hour isn't too bad today. xo

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Stimey said...

Wow, that kind of sounds like the worst day ever. Thank god no one was in your car. Silver linings, right?