Thursday, October 08, 2009

Quick Meetings

We had our second Andy Meeting today, but it became quickly apparent that this was not intended as a second eligibility meeting- the invitees were very limited. This was a meeting to say how wonderful Andy is doing in his class.

Good teachers make a huge difference, and Mrs. B absolutely rocks. Andy thrives in a tight ship, and that is definitely what Mrs. B has to offer. She also wanted it in his records: Andy needs structure, and a lot of it. When he has it, he can sit, attend, eat, and regulate. He is a good friend to his classmates, a good model for behavior, and a good listener. When he doesn't have it...

So we will get no formal support for Andy. The psychiatrist is going to chew my butt to mush, but the reality is that Andy can hold it together and make it through a school day. He waits and explodes at home, and that's not the school's province or concern.

We did have a little chat about it, though, because Mrs. B had ADHD kids, so we talked about running him outside and all. The school psych then made some comment about how winter was coming, so that might be more of a problem soon. And out of my mouth slipped, "Why? He has a coat."

It was the comment that showed who stood where in this little meeting- the folks who laughed were on Andy's side.


farmwifetwo said...

My eldest is having claustrophobia issues b/c he's in Gr 5 and needs more elbow room than is offered. It's not hyperactivity, but the feeling of being confined.

They asked the OT for suggestions - run him around in the gym for 10min a couple of times a day, throw balls, kick them (sensory diet ideas).

No idea if they went for it, but I have my copy of her note and they have theirs.... so should I get some complaints from the school.....

Niksmom said...

I suppose, in the end, what really matters is that Andy is being given (most of) the supports he needs bc of a great teacher and he is doing well. THAT is good news!

And, damn those school psych's anyway; they're always looking for the problems instead of the solutions (it's kind of part of the job, I suppose?). Just get Andy a nice warm hat and gloves and let him go; he'll probably think he's in heaven! :-)

BTW, package is FINALLY going out in the mail today!!

Stimey said...

Well, I'm sorry to hear that there will be no formalized support, but how fabulous that Andy has such an amazing teacher. I think you totally lucked out. And great that she insisted on putting all of that in his record. And then next year, if he doesn't have such a great teacher, you can go back to the table with all your documentation of what happened this year and what worked and didn't work.