Thursday, February 04, 2010

Adventures in Grocery Shopping: Snowpocalypse, or KillStorm 2010, Edition

The DeathSnow is coming! AAAAAAAAA!!! We're all gonna DIE!!!!!!!!

I had to go to the grocery store. It's going to snow pretty heavily here this weekend, and I am going to run out of my meds, so I had to have them refilled.*** Also, they called school pre-emptively, and I didn't want to take the guys into a crowded grocery store the day of a Snowtastrophe, so off I went to grab a few things in case we lose power, like marshmallows. Oh, and some stuff for mom to make a lasagne and some soup, in case she gets snowed in for a few days, which is far more likely than me being snowed in for a few days, as I live on a main drag downtown.

The scene at the grocery was incredible. Insane. There was no produce. I got my hands on the last head of cabbage. There were no bananas, no grapes, no pears, no berries, no broccoli, no carrots, no onions... I grabbed a head of lettuce, which the poor produce manager had brought out trying to stock something. People were taking it faster than she could stock it, right out of the box beside her.

There was no bread, no cheese, no sausage, no hamburger. The deli should have closed before I got there, but were so busy, there wasn't time to close. I did manage to get some cold cuts. There were no roasts, except sirloin. They were restocking the chicken, it had been cleared. There were some expensive cuts of things, but anything reasonable was gone. Oh, and there was plenty of stew meat at $3 a pound. Who pays $3 a pound for stew meat?

Eggs, milk, orange juice, toilet paper, pasta, soda, chips, all ravaged. No velveeta. No cottage cheese. No yogurt.

I have never seen anything like it.

Someone tried to sneak my head of cabbage from my basket while I was perusing the eggs. I saw a person pick up the last package of hamburger, and get accosted by three other shoppers who wanted it. I wasn't the only one who found the whole thing absolutely ridiculous, and so there was a group of us who just burst out laughing every time we passed each other, with comments of, "We're all gonna DIE!!!" High adventure in aisle five!

Fortunately, I have another little grocery store I like very much, but they haven't even tried to compete with Wegman's prices. However, desperate days, my friends, desperate days. I went there and paid a little more for my stuff, but they actually had the stuff. Because when they are calling for two feet of snow in this part of the world, it is indeed Snowpocalypse. It might take me a couple days to get out of my driveway, and I have two boys to entertain for those two or three days. And they are home from school tomorrow. Let the party begin!!!

***And on top of that, I have to go back tomorrow. My meds didn't get filled before the pharmacy closed.


Stimey said...

KillStorm 2010. Oh my God, I laughed really, really hard.

I went to the grocery store in the middle of the day today and they were still well-stocked. Except they only had big marshmallows and not mini-marshmallows, which are far superior for hot chocolate consumption.

You know times are bad when someone tries to steak cabbage out of your cart.

abby said...

Cabbage-sneaking is frightening. What is this, the Irish famine? Maybe someone needed it to go with a no-longer-on-the-shelf corned beef?

I'll venture to Whole Foods in the AM while Hallie is at school (thank god it's open) and, worst comes to worst, we'll eat some of my stockpiled pasta or mac and cheese or that box of quinoa that's been languishing in the depths of the cupboard.

Sadly, everyone is out of sleds around here and that is the major tragedy we've faced: oh why oh why have I not planned ahead and procured one in time?

Ali said...

It was like that in Staunton this evening, too. Milk, ALL of the vegetables except for the bagged salads and potatoes, almost all of the meats (including the bacon, which I found odd), yogurt, bread, cheese...I was pleasantly surprised to find lactose free milk still available!

Joeymom said...

Oh, and the funniest part is that when we went to get my meds this morning, the trucks had come and they had folks busily restocking everything. Oh, and the roads are still perfectly clear. Why did they call school???

Rupinder said...
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