Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Directory of Autism Blogs: Come Join Us!

When the Autism Hub went down, I had no idea what happened. I still have no idea what happened. I'm kinda clueless about stuff like politics and gossip and drama and stuff like that. I always have been. When stuff starts hitting the fan, I'm the clueless one going, "Huh? What fan? And why am I all damp?" Yes, I often wonder how much I might have contributed to the problem; I often never find out because I never find out what the problem was. How much of being clueless made it worse? Am I really that much in La-La Land? And I have this problem all the time in real life situations, when I should be able to read the social cues swirling about me, and just don't. Online? Gah!

So apparently the Hub went down, and I didn't know about it for a few days. And now it is back up, and I found out because someone on Facebook mentioned they weren't on it anymore. In fact, a couple of folks mentioned it- folks I consider very central voices to the parent discussion side of things. I wasn't surprised to find my own blog gone, after all, I'm just a little blog, and I did kinda crash the party instead of being invited. In fact, the vast majority of the comfy-couch section seems to have been axed.

But salvation is here! Kim Wombles has put together a new lovely directory of autism blogs, and it looks fabulous: The Autism Blogs Directory. Lots and lots of blogs, so you can check out plenty of online voices saying lots of thought-provoking things about topics I never even knew might be an issue! Do I agree with everybody? Heck, no! And I think that's a good thing!

So come check it out, find some new blogs to read, grab some hot beverage of your choice, and join us on the comfy couches!


Kim Wombles said...

And if you're new to me, then let me know your blog and I'll add it! :-)

farmwifetwo said...

It's the first place where every blog is welcome.

I have it in my favs... now if I could just find enough time to cruise all the links... sigh... :)

Unknown said...


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