Friday, July 02, 2010

Boy Camp

So, if you had a whole day with your Momma all to yourself, to do anything you want, what would you choose to do?

My little guy chose to:

Have breakfast at his favorite diner.
Take his brother to camp.
Have Color Camp (which involved getting paint, mixing paints to make more colors, and painting a really big picture of a road).
Get a Zhu Zhu Pet. Yes, another one. Eep.
Hug Grandma.
Have lunch at Chuck E. Cheese.
Go to the pool. Have Momma get into the pool and play.
Get ice cream at the pool. And a Cow Tale.
Go get brother.
Go back to the pool.
Eat dinner (he wanted hot dogs at the pool, but we ended up with Long John Silvers at home).
Watch Looney Tunes with brother.
Go to bed.

That, my friends, is Boy Camp, a la Joey.


Stimey said...

It's way too bad that kid doesn't like to go to the pool.

Maddy said...

Being an 'only child' is quite a rarity around here too.