Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aftershocks and Mysteries

Joey melted down yesterday morning because it was 38 degrees when he woke up and checked the weather. He bolted from the bus stop, running down the street with me hot on his heels, and him yelling, "Help! Help!" I'm actually interested to know why none of the neighbors who were giving me odd looks did not call the police, as they weren't folks we actually know. But, deep breath, they didn't, and I got him on the bus.

Is this just reverberations from summer? Or is there more going on at school? Or is there some need not being met here?

Today was Day Three of Andy bursting into tears upon the announced approach of his bus. He says he wants to stay home with Mom and watch TV. And I see we have a wet bed this morning, also three in a row.

Is this reverberations from trying to cope with Joey? Is there something going on at school? Is there a problem on the bus? Is there something he needs at home?

I stood in my livingroom a minute after I got them on the bus. I cleaned it up Thursday. It is already an explosion of Zhu Zhu pets, Star Wars figures. sundry detritus and pizza boxes, with my tubs of fabric stuck in the middle. School papers are scattered over the little table next to my chair. Wrappers from strawberry juice bars are on the floor. I can see the diningroom needs to be vacuumed, and is also a den of toys, used spiral notebooks, crayons, and unplayed games.

I was looking at card games in the store last night, after the boys were in bed while I was grocery shopping. There was one with dinosaurs. I looked hard at it. When I was six and eight, I loved games. Board games, card games, I was up early playing them by myself I loved them so. My boys don't play games. I try now and again. Joey liked Chutes and Ladders and Hi Ho Cherry-o for a while, but taking turns is a real challenge. Complicated rules and gameplay is another challenge. Instructions we find simple enough are a real hurdle for these guys. Maybe its time to have a family game night.


Niksmom said...

Sending thoughts of peace and easiness your way. Weird, random thought about the bed stuff...I know we see uptick in nocturnal peeing as the weather gets colder IF N's room isn't warm enough for him.

Don't turn yourself inside out trying to figure it all out in one know the answers will be revealed in time. Do the best you can to help your sweet boys through the transitions and be gentle on yourself. xoxo

Stimey said...

Hugs to you, friend. It's so hard when they struggle, especially at the same time. I hope that settling into their routines helps them.

For games, have you thought of things like Hungry, Hungry Hippos or Mr. Mouth, where they don't need to take turns?

kristi said...

Oh hon, I understand. We dealt with tears a lot last year. Sigh. It is not easy.

My hubby taughte TC to play slap jack last night. He actually did great!