Friday, September 10, 2010

Week One, Almost Done

Good news- Joey is cheering up. As he figures out school is not like the summer program, he's really perking up. Yay!

We are taking Stimey's homework strategy and putting it to good use. It works perfectly (so far). I recommend it.

This morning I am snuggling my cat, then the plan is to clean the front hall, nap, cut some quilt squares, nap, lunch, nap, bake cookies, nap, then squish boys when they get off the bus. How's that for a rockin' day?

UPDATE 3:14pm. JOey had subs in his class today, and melted down- so they sent him to the office. GAH!!!


Anonymous said...

That is a rockin' day! So glad to hear school is going well. It's such a relief when things go right.

kristi said...

So glad Joey is adjusting, TC is too...big sigh of relief.

Stimey said...

Oooh! I'm so glad the homework strategy works for you too! (Knock on wood, of course.)