Friday, October 15, 2010

A Day Off

Today is Friday. That means it is my "day off." This is the one day I don't work any of my jobs. The children are in school. The husband is at work. The purpose of this day is to nap. That never seems to actually happen.

What usually happens is it gets cancelled. And I end up running around getting nothing I intended to do done.

Today, I totally kicked butt and took names.

I got the guys on the buses with no pouting, screaming, or tears. Win.

I went home and moved the rest of the boxes I needed to move out of the guest room into the attic. Win.

I moved some furniture that also needed to be moved. Win.

I got dinner going in the crockpot (Autumn succotash stew!) Win.

I removed my entire fabric collection to the attic for the holiday season, so we can stop tripping over it in the livingroom or kicking it under the table in the kitchen. two large plastic storage bins, five bankers' boxes, and three assorted shipping boxes' worth. Not counting the collection already in the attic. I love fabric. Win.

I made my bed. Win.

I made Joey's bed. Win.

I cleared the mantel to prepare for Halloween decorations. Win.

I got the Halloween decorations out and the mantel decorated. Win.

I bought cat food and fish water. Win.

I dropped off some baby toys and books at school to be used or passed on to Ms. Macy's little darling. Win.

I got to talk to Ms. H and Ms. Macy. Bonus Win.

I got to have lunch with Mom. Superwin.

We tried to go to Joey's book fair, and discovered the school was in lockdown. Fail. And we never did find out why it was in lockdown.

So we went shopping at Tuesday Morning instead. I got a new roaster pan for Thanksgiving. Very win.

I got the fish tank cleaned and the water changed. Win.

We got the boys, then dropped Mom off at her truck, and spent the afternoon playing games and watching Halloween movies and squishing boys. WIN.

That's a rockin' day off!


kristi said...

Love days like this when I get a lot done! You go, girl!

Stimey said...

Isn't that the best? When it all falls into place. Good for you!!

Weird about the lockdown. And where is the Ultrawin nap?

Joeymom said...

No nap. Busy kicking butt.