Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 8, Meeting 7

This week's meeting: the Functional Behavior Assessment. This is the meeting you have when your child's behavior is challenging and disruptive, so the school decides they better figure it out quick. Let's not get into a discussion of the meaning of "quick." Personally, from the time I agreed to the FBA to the time of meeting, in school terms, I think they did really well.

This was one of the better meetings I've been to. After, how cool is a meeting that is specifically for sitting around brainstorming about what is possibly causing behavior, and how to help him learn to cope with those antecedents? I took my mom with me, which always helps, because she tends to cut right to what we are seeing from home without beating around the bush, and she has no fear of our school psych. Fortunately, the school psych was actually helpful this time. Oh, and the OT? Nowhere to be found. We'll count that as a positive, too.

So we had a room full of Joey's teachers, all of whom are interested in helping him. This last couple of weeks I think has really helped Joey- not only have we gotten his anxiety levels into his normal range, but his teachers have gotten a chance to see what Joey is really like. This has given people a chance to fall in love with him. Or at least in like. Or at the very least, see what he is really capable of if he is supported properly. Any of these three things can make a huge difference, because it gives these teachers a chance to realize they can make a huge difference. That's why most of these people went into teaching in the first place. Hey, I teach, too. I know how much more fun and awesome it is to teach a student who rocks, even when they need support and lots of attention. When you see the potential and the determination is there, you are more ready to go for it. Joey has potential and determination. And he's squishy into the bargain.

So everybody came out with some new ideas, new strategies, and new things to try. I think we can call this one a "win."

Up next: Meeting 8: What To Do About Joey the Math Genius.


Stimey said...

This is fantastic news. I'm really happy to hear it went well. Honestly, finding a way to help Joey's behaviors only helps every single person who was in that room, so kudos to them for realizing that and for realizing how cool Joey is.


Unknown said...

I am so glad that the school is working with you. I know how hard it can be dealing with school districts. You are the reason I started blogging again. I follow you and I would love for you to check out my blog at www.hudspeth.blogspot.com. My son also has Autism. Love your blog!