Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pot Luck Magazine Call for Submissions

Yes, I am still the layout editor for Pot Luck! We are currently looking for your contributions! Check it out here!

For my part, I am working on a spread about winter holidays for the winter issue, due out Dec 15. I'm also working on cookie recipes! Deadline for submissions is Nov 30. However, I am also looking for gardening, crafting, and kitchen/cooking info, tips, recipes, etc. for all year round! After all, after the winter issue comes the spring issue... then the summer issue... then the fall issue... then we start over again...

Just to get folks thinking, I am looking at a variety of topics that are seasonally connected, and I'd like to build up a repertoire of material that I can include in these sections, instead of it being just my own voice. For the last issue (Fall), we did tomatoes (including canning) and corn, because we had a couple of recipes and ideas, and I just added more material to fill out the spreads and bridge between late summer and fall. Next year, I am hoping to do pumpkins and gourds and a second (as yet unknown) fall ideas spread.

So far, Pot Luck has been mostly a lit mag, but we want to expand to include a variety of voices and styles. The point is to get people reading, thinking, and talking! Come join us!

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