Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yes, we had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving. We prepped. We cooked. We were uber-ready.

The boys were good, patient, and actually entertained themselves for a good chunk of time. Grandma just cleaned her basement, revealing a lovely concrete floor- perfect for chalking. I found some of JoeyAndyDad's old Star Wars figures (mine are mysteriously missing), so Andy was thrilled. We brought Joey's computer with us, making him happy. We even got them both to come in to the living room to see Santa arrive in Herald's Square! They were very excited about eating turkey and stuffing and potatoes, and Andy even had shrimp. Yummy.

The bird this year was 27 pounds. It took about 5 1/2 hours to cook. The last hour, I slapped bacon on top. Yummerific. We discovered the bacon trick a couple years ago, when I found a bacon turkey online and slapped bacon on the turkey as a joke for JoeyAndyDad. It turned out to be really super delicious. I also tried a new sweet potato casserole this year, which turned out pretty good.

Evan arrived in the early afternoon; he had to work until early in the morning. Unfortunately, he also has to work tomorrow, so he didn't get to stay over, which means we didn't get to drink and I don't have updates on all the books he's read, and the headache I sported most of the day meant we didn't get to talk much. But we all watched some football and The Empire Strikes Back. Watching a Star War movie is getting to be a tradition when Evan comes. I bet we see Return of the Jedi on Christmas. Which would be awesome. I'll be sure to grill him about his reading, too. He always reads interesting books.

The fun part was he arrived in a garbage truck. He's working for a company that picks up and hauls garbage, and he got to use the truck. Joey was thrilled to see a garbage truck up close, though we didn't have time for a ride. Maybe next time.

So, I'm thinking turkey casserole for dinner tomorrow. And the next day. And possibly the day after. It was a pretty big bird.

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mommy~dearest said...

Because EVERYTHING is better with bacon! Even kids! Wrap them suckers up in it and yum. Lol.