Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Day Home

Joey was pretty sick yesterday. About 6am, he started throwing up- but since he hadn't eaten much, it was clear. He felt better enough to get dressed, but then I found him sprawled on the couch as Andy zipped about putting on shoes. No, that was not a child in condition to go to school. I kept him home. Shortly after Andy left, we had another bout of waxing, then the other end of the system became an issue. It was a good call.

We spent the morning watching Wow Wow Wubbzy on my bed, while I poked at a few things, but mostly snuggled him. Then he decided he wanted to move downstairs, so I set him up on the couch, and asked him what he wanted to see. He asked for Little Bear. We did a Little Bear marathon. I found this also interesting- he could watch anything he wanted, and instead of the high-power shows like Looney Tunes which have had his attention lately, he asked for a slow-paced, comforting show, most of the afternoon. I think my little buddy was trying to get some rest.

He was super-glad when Grandma arrived with soda and snuggled him on the couch- yes, a very snuggly boy. We got to sit with a fire in the fireplace, watching our Little Bear, letting the tummy rest and the boy rest... and the Momma rest. I did some picking up. I poked at the laundry. But otherwise, I spent the day snuggling my boy.

I only wish he wasn't sick.

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Stimey said...

Poor guy. Hope he feels better soon. But glad you guys got a day to cuddle.