Thursday, February 10, 2011

Am I Really This Old?

One of my friends from high school is going to be a grandmother today or tomorrow.

A grandmother.

Wow. My kids are still in elementary school.


Stimey said...

Fingers in ears *lalalalalalala* I will not age I will not age I will not age

Oh. We were talking about you, right? Ahem. Sorry. Knee jerk reaction. Congratulations to your high school friend. And you? You are but a teenager.

Bullet said...

I currently have 15 nephews and nieces and 8 great nephews and nieces and I'm "only" 35.

Sullivan said...

I knew a teacher who said she had a student in her high school class who said, "I like high school. There isn't any childcare in jr. high".

At age 12, she made her 25 year old mother a grandmother.

"grandmother" doesn't carry much weight.

Look at those bright eyes in your avatar! You look as young as the day I met you!