Friday, April 22, 2011

Joining Team Stimey!

Yay! Stimey is coming today! (think of me bouncing about like Daffy Duck on a sugar high.)

The fun of having friends come see ou is they find out all sorts of awesome cool things about you. Today, Stimey will learn:

1. When I say "my house is a disaster" what I mean is "Please don't call the health department on me. Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top."

2. I can't hard boil eggs. But she may not find out that until she tries to eat one of the eggs we dye.

3. Joey is having a semi-good week. Which means he is having a semi-not-good week.

4. I bought her kids guns. But I still like her. She might not feel the same, though.

Here's to a great day! The plan is Ferry Farm, Lunch, Bug Box, and then Egg Dyeing, though who knows what adventures actually await!


Stimey said...

1. I couldn't care less. :)

2. Again, I couldn't care less. Plus, if you average out our egg boiling strategies, we would have a pretty perfect hard boiled egg.

3. Joey was awesome. So was Andy. (So were you.)

4. My kiddos love the dart guns. Although had I seen this before I arrived, I would have been worried that you got us rifles or some such. :)

Joeymom said...

I thought everybody was awesome. Total win day. :) But then, with you guys here, how could we miss?