Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boys in the Summertime

Boys in the aviary at the Richmond Zoo.

Boys and tigers at the Richmond Zoo.

Feeding the giraffes.

Joey discovers the budgies.

Andy thinks budgies rock, too.

Discovering our inner Storm Trooper.

Joey loves riding animals.

Andy decides horses are OK.

A dream for Joey: meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Andy's dream come true: meeting Captain Rex!

Joey still loves barrel rides.

Andy on the slides.


The boys really liked holding them, and no one got burned!

Andy discovers a snakeskin on our nature walk.

Joey even liked the nature walk. This was unusual; he's usually not a fan of walking around at Grandma's and just looking at stuff. He especially liked toadstools.

Andy finally dives off the board at the pool.

Checking out tractors at the Caroline County Fair.

The boys liked the tractors, and being allowed to climb on them.

Playing in the corn: a sensory paradise.

Joey and Andy decided riding together was awesome.

They even hopped in the same bumper car, because it's far more fun with two!

Life is good. Happy summer!

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