Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Joey and Andy have been having a Pinball Day. As in, they have been bouncing about like pinballs. Eep.

We pulled up to a gas station, and waited for the pump to fill the tank. Suddenly, the car starts bouncing about as if... well, as if little boys decided to bounce energetically in the back.

"What was that?" I turned sharply about, my own nerves already well-frayed. However, both boys and Evan were firmly strapped in their seats.

I hopped out and took a look, and there was a sheepish-looking man with his hand on my car. Why is he rocking me car? I thought. That's just weird. The car in front of us moved, so I moved up, and pumped the gas, and headed out to the post office. Joey was really upset, especially since he was already off-kilter, and started talking constantly and loudly about things like being shaken and other indications that he was pretty scared.

That's when I got a text from JoeyAndyDad. You OK?

OK? We're fine, why?

Earthquake. 5.8, centered in Mineral.

Wowzers kazowzers. That's only about 30 miles southwest of us. We headed back to Mom's house to check on it, but nothing was even out of place.

My house? Evan says some of the pictures upstairs are slightly askew. And that's it.

All around us? People talking about stuff on the floor, chimneys falling, awnings coming down.

But folks, we're fine. A litle shaken, not stirred. Next adventure: Irene. Due on Saturday. I'll keep you posted.

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