Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Driving to School

Andy has become a morning car rider.

It started when he complained of headaches- in the afternoon, getting off the bus. At first, I investigated possibilities of trouble on the bus. A child was poking him and teasing him, so we had his seat changed. Earplugs were offered, but that caused trouble, too. Questions were asked about comfort. Then we got reports of morning trouble at school. He would have issues, then would "clear up and have a fine afternoon." I was suspicious. Then he just flat-out asked if I could drive him. he wanted to be car rider, because of the headaches.

So in the morning, I have been taking him to school, so he can at least start the day quiet and headache-free. I really can't fetch him in the afternoon, because I can't sit in line, grab him, and be home in time to get Joey. Instead, I try to give him some time to calm before pressing homework upon him. Homework is a whole other can of sensory and being-7 worms, subject to new strategies as the old ones wear thin and wear out.

Tomorrow is out first of what will, should this one go well, be a series of meetings to get Andy's needs met so he can focus on his learning, rather than bouncing or dealing with headaches or having tired hands all the time. At least we'll be through Hoop 1 before the Turkey Holidays. But at the same time, anxiety gnaws. Will we be brushed aside yet again? How much of what we are seeing is ADHD, how much sensory problem, how much of it Andy needing attention and getting it in a way he sees as working? Does he need more attention? What supports does he need to learn to cope with ADHD and sensory issues? What surety will I have that those accommodations will be honored? What else is going on that I am missing? What will I do if we're told he needs nothing, doesn't qualify for service or accommodation?

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