Sunday, June 03, 2012

Interpreting Email

Ok, so I have this really weird email in front of me- well, two, actually from Andy's teacher. Andy now has an IEP, categorized as "specific learning disability" and identified as having dysgraphia. We have also learned he has a visual impairment, insufficient convergence. He also is diagnosed with ADHD, but we were denied service solely because of his ADHD because he "tested in normal range."

In the first email, the teacher mentions we may want to consider what accommodations he will need to complete his SOLs because of his ADHD. The next email is the oddity- it seems to imply we can't consider accommodations because of his ADHD. To be specific, she initially asks "do you want to look into accommodations?" then says "after talking to Ms. C, my question isn't valid."

Why not?

It was my understanding that once you have an IEP, the child's needs are to be considered and met. Period. Not "just those needs pertaining to dysgraphia, because that's why he has an IEP." You don't get a separate 504 plan when you have an IEP.

Anybody else having this issue? Is it just me?

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farmwifetwo said...

I couldn't get speech therapy for either of them because their diction was clear. The language was a mess for the elder and although the language is correct (although shortened) for the younger it was deamed "ok" that he has difficulties with expressive language.

So, I attempted to go through a different way... "except for those with ASD" according to the rules.

Nobody told me either that by putting the younger in self-contained he would lose speech, OT, and ASD services. I knew the first was gone but the other 2...

School systems have rules upon rules... trick is to figure out how you can bend them. I got my eldest back into OT b/c I wanted to know if his poor writing was ASD or behaviour driven and that time I got an OT who refused to sign him off... she had to this year but he had gotten his computer finally so we weren't complaining.