Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Joey

I love the way Joey cocks his head to one side as he air-writes, as if to get the whole word just perfect, every time.

I the love Joey's soft smile when he leans his head on your shoulder, that supreme happiness of being there.

I love the way he creeps in to bed and whispers, "I love you, sweetie pie."

I love it when he dresses up as Luigi and says, "Mama Mia!"

I love the way he stomps so deliberately up the stair when he is frustrated, as if he was squashing the mean out of the universe.

I love to see him curled up in his favorite chair in his room, watching his fish lamp.

I love how Joey has found a favorite spot in the park, at the top of the stair to the slide. And that he always moves aside when a little one wants to go down, with encouraging words, "You can do it!"

I love the sound of his squeal when he wins a game.

I love it when Joey very gently, ever-so-softly, touches your face when he wants to connect with you.

I love the way he dives into the pool, full-throttle.

I love the way he inflects his voice, so he not only says the words, he means them. Even the echoed ones.

I love how he giggles when he knows he's being mischievous.

I love how he sometimes gets up suddenly and announces, "I'm going to feed the kitties!" with such pride and love.

I love how he kicks his feet out a little as he walks.

I love the way Joey exaggerates his face when he wants to clearly communicate an emotion.

I love the look on his face when he hugs his brother.

I love the way he can be completely engrossed in a game, until you whisper, "...cookie."

I love the way he laughs when he lets you tickle him.

I love how he sneaks into our room at night and snuggles himself between us, so you can't tell where one person ends and the next begins.

I love how saying the word "hug" prompts him to stop whatever he is doing and lay on you.

I love it when he quotes Quack: "This is the worst thing I've ever tasted! Ick! Bleah!.... You gotta try it!"

I love watching him come down the stairs at Christmas. And seeing Santa Claus at the mall. And walking into Valley View at Christmastime.

I love the pictures he draws: Mario, Luigi, Angry Birds, Roadrunner, Coyote... and Dad.

I love listening to him sing. Even the Mario Brothers music.

I love how he manages to accrue all of my wood spoons.

He's my baby. And I love my Joey.

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