Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Son's Life Is Worth Saving

Why do hospitals and people without disabilities so firmly believe that people with disabilities are somehow "less"? That they don't deserve to live their lives, just because those lives are sometimes different from their own? Why do I have to sit here in fear that Joey might one day be denied a life-saving medical intervention, simply because he is autistic? That is a mistake that you can only make once, and you can't take it back.

Please support Paul Corby and his family, friends, neighbors, and community, and send a crystal-clear message that denying medical intervention because of disability is wrong, intolerable, and... well, it is evil. Pure and simple. Sign the petition and take a stand against discrimination.

And this is not just random discrimination against a faceless other. This is direct, horrifying discrimination against my own son, my Joey. If this happens to the Corbys, it could happen to us- and happen that much more easily.
This is a life worth living, and a life worth saving. I have dedicated my own to both of these beautiful lives. Please help make t unthinkable to deny these lives a chance, because of discrimination and ignorance of autism.

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