Saturday, October 06, 2012

Olympic Gold

In an exciting new development, Joey got all excited about participating in his school Olympics on Friday. He's usually put off by the crowds, the noise, and his lack of motor planning. Joey is a perfectionist- he wants to win, and get dramatically upset when he realizes he is unable to do something- like jump rope. Or skip. Or get a ball in a basket.

Andy's class had their Olympics on Wednesday, and he loved it so much, he got Joey all excited about it, too. It also helps that they are into rankings and medals right now, with all the Olympics hype and their love for Mario Party 9. I packed some movies in Joey's backpack just in case, but we were all excited that he was excited.

Yep, he participated! and guess what- his class won. He got a gold medal! I got several texts from teachers telling me how happy he was, and he got off the bus practically dancing, showing me his medal, talking about the games and ceremony.

Then he got serious.

"What's the matter, baby?" I asked, suddenly concerned.

"Andy didn't get a medal," he said very seriously. "Andy is going to be sad." We talked a little about Andy possibly being sad, since we knew Andy had worked very, very hard to do his best and wanted one.

"I'll give him my baseball medal!" Joey announced in a brainstorm.

"But you earned that medal, too. They are both your medals. Let's think of something else we can do to help Andy feel better." But at that moment, Andy's bus arrived. Joey grabbed his scooter, and headed down the walk to meet his brother.

I could see them meeting, hear them:

"I got a gold medal!"
"I know! I am so happy!"
"I'm sorry you didn't get one. You tried really hard."
"But you got one."
"We can share it! Because we are both winners, because we did our best!"
"Thank you, Joey!"

I couldn't be prouder of my two little men.

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