Wednesday, November 14, 2012

42 Strikes Again

We arrive at Joey's OT, but the other child is a little late. To calm himself and fill the time, of course Joey decides to become Super Luigi, running about the office. In the meantime, Andy is trying to hunt zombies with his magic invisible zombie bullets (since we aren't allowed to have darts in our nerf guns unless we are in our own back yard). In assessing the situation, I make sure the boys have the equipment they need. Does Andy need a gun strap? Does Joey need his cape?

What, you thought I would have them sit int eh waiting room or something? They just got out of school! This is their usual scootering time! Get those wiggles OUT!

I cleaned the car out this morning in preparation for our big trip up to Kennedy Krieger in the morning, so I am down to basic car supplies. The cape got taken in. Fortunately, part of my supply kit is a towel. I tie it under his chin and off her goes.

"Wow, you have a towel in your car?" the therapist asks, amazed.

"Of course I do," I reply. "Don't panic. And never forget your towel."

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