Friday, February 15, 2013

Houdini Lives

He made it all the way to the parking lot this time. A guidance counselor, arriving late for work, caught him and escorted him back to his class. The para doesn't come until 9, so she wasn't there yet. No one seems able to tell me what happened. In fact, I wasn't told until 3pm (I got the call just as we were arriving for Andy's therapy).

The IEP meeting is scheduled for 9:30am on Thursday. Seriously considering keeping him home until then, for his safety.



Stimey said...

It is unfathomable how they are letting this happen. So unacceptable.

Katie said...

Agreed with Stimey. That is unacceptable. If the para doesn't come until 9, a teacher, counselor, RSP or other para needs to be assigned to be with him until then. It is clearly a safety risk for Joey to not have an adult with him at all times at school. It is not negotiable. I sincerely hope that these are all being documented officially as incidents, if not weighted ones.