Friday, June 30, 2006

Going to sleep

Joey is starting to go to sleep before dark again. I still have to stay with him (he taps the bed and says "Momma sleep!" ) but at least he's going to sleep.

There's nothing more wonderful than snuggling a boy while singing "wheels on the bus" and having him sing the song himself- including our own verses (The Andys on the bus say "Hug My Brother!", the Joeys on the bus say "Whee whee whee!", His mommy says "I love you", his daddy says "I'm proud of you", and the monsters on the bus go "rumpus, rumpus, rumpus" [while tickling you]).

Joey is also starting to listen and enjoy longer stories. He has discovered a book I loved as a little child: _Sylvester: the Mouse with the Musical Ear._ He likes the description of the city, and finding the mouse in the pictures. He's also very into _In The Night Kitchen_, and Allan has been reading him _Babar_. My boy is starting to outgrow his baby books!

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