Monday, June 26, 2006


Sometimes its really odd to have Andy doign things Joey doesn't do.

Andy is starting to speak in sentences. His pronunciation may not be up to adult understanding, but as his parents, we can usually make out his words- and this week, they have been beautifully strung together: "I don't want that", "I like apples", "Time for bed!" Getting Joey to make a sentence is still a miracle, an occasion for massive cheering and high praise. Now Andy gets his! And having him talk about likes and dislikes is odd, too. The way we know what does dislikes is because of the fuss he makes. Andy tells us. Very strange- and wonderful!

I was in New Jersey this week for my job, and Allan had the guys. Joey uses the potty nicely for Dad... wish he would get on that potty for me! Or perhaps just with less fussing. Fuss fuss fuss! All that energy wasted!

They guys have been watching Disney movies this week, too. Movies Joey wouldn't even look at, Andy is enthralled. Now Joey is starting to get interested, too- I think he understands the conversations more, so they hold more interest. Right now, they are playing Robin Hood with the movie- lots of couch bouncing!

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