Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Having a misery day

I'm tired, I have a sniffle, and I'm feeling really miserable today. If life were left up to me, I'd meet the stupid school OT for coffee, slump in my chair the whole time, smile, and nod, and have this round be over. This woman is not suddenly going to understand sensory issues or deal with them appropraitely, but we have 12 more years stuck with this woman. There aren't any other choices, unless we move or sue. And Im paying too much money in therapies to afford to really sue. Unless I get a fifth job. I'm running out of hours in the day. Andy now needs 2 30-minute sessions of therapeutic listening (anyone else done that?), but that's not so bad, because I just picked times I was playing with him, anyway. Now he plays with headphones on. Only I can't cut any corners; I can't get a si of something to drink or check my email surreptiously, because he'll take the headphones off. WE actually went up a volume setting today, big big stuff apparently. He likes the songs. My garden needs a layer of spring mulch, which for us is a thick layer fo newspaper to keep the weeds down covered by a light, decorative sprinkling of hardwood shredded bark. BUt I never got to it last year. This year isn't looking good, either. I miss my garden. I'm just so tired.

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