Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Last fall, my mom bought me more bulbs than normal gardens ever plant. I love bulbs. You put them in the ground, toss some cow manure on them twice a year, and bingo! You have flowers. I don't plant many tulips, they wear out. But hyacinths and daffodils... gimme.

I got to pick the bulbs. We were in a local nursery center, and having a really bad month, and I handpicked each bulb, it was heaven. I managed to get them in teh ground, which is a miracle. And now I am SO glad I did. They are blooming today. It was a warm, sunny delight of a day, and my hyacinths came out, and coming in from class this evening, it just smelled SO wonderful. It makes being tired not so bad when the hyacinths are blooming. You can almost feel the perfume in the air, and when it is still like now, the weight of it hugs you. How can anyone be unhappy when hyacinths are blooming?

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